The Crown – First Impressions

Netflix’s brand new exclusive “The Crown” is a dramatization of Peter Morgan’s play, “The Audience”, which essentially follows the top of British royal and political hierarchy during the 1940s.

After studying this particular period for a depressing triple period every Wednesday afternoon I can safely say that I did not take in an awfully large amount, but the little I did learn was rather interesting.

It keeps a particularly close eye on the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) and Prince Philip (Matt Smith), which when studying a political history module, was not explored in great depth.


What also appealed to me was a ‘Hello Magazine’ approach to the relationship between the Royal family and British government as well as the exceedingly open upbringing of Queen Elizabeth II and her family.

It was rather refreshing to see Matt Smith take on something in a completely different capacity to his gallivanting and quite often ridiculous depiction of the 12th Doctor.

In this show, there were no jammy-dodger based explosives, no suspicious time travelling with young Scottish children or even stupidly placed dinosaurs on spaceships. The Crown’s biographical drama already feels very historical and political, so if none of the above appeals to you, I wouldn’t bother watching.